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Group of Activities 4:
Use of the Grid Infrastructure by a Company

Select the Application to Use

The existing options will be analyzed based on their complexity and available resources, choosing the most adequate from a technical point of view and external visibility of the project.

Analysis of the Existing Application

Candidate applications to be run as demo will be analyzed and the necessary changes in the applications will be decided.

Adapting the Application to Grid

Along with the chosen company, there will be necessary changes at the software level for the application to run successfully on the Grid.

Connecting the Company to Grid

Access and user accounts will be granted for the company in order to get access to the grid. A certificate will be created to ensure their use.

Launch and Tests

The application will be launched to the grid. Along with the company, all the necessary tests will be done to verify the success of the results compared with the local application and verify the benefits of running on the Grid.


All training tasks will be developed in contact with the company, explaining the adaptation process and, especially, teaching how to use the grid efficiently.

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